Henrik Kongsvoll,
interdisciplinary designer in Oslo.
I work with typographical concepts, type design, visual identities and other forms of visual communication :—)
↓ About

I recently graduated with a BA in Graphic Design from Westerdals in Oslo, with an exchange semester to PaTI (Paju Typography Institute) in Seoul, Korea. I'm always keen on new challenges so if you want to work with me or maybe just send me a cool video you can reach me at [email protected]. Below is what I do somewhat curated but if you want to see more work-in-progress and stuff you can look at my instagram @henke.henke.

↓ Work

An Anthology of Alphabets
ISBN 978-82-691283-0-7, Edition of 40
120 × 180mm, 82 p.

 My BA project done over the course of three months in 2018; a book delving into the history and cultural impact of constructed writing systems around the world. Sporting a bespoke serif titling typeface made to reflect the subject of constructed alphabets. All content has been designed, written and published by me.

HH Antologi.otf

 HH Antologi.otf is a WIP font based on the bespoke titling typeface used for my BA book. It has been completely redrawn, with increased consistency extent and minuscules. The concept is to create an anthology of letterforms within the same faction of a tightly constructed yet unrestricted family. Going live for public beta soon (mail me). Stil a lot of work on spacing and kerning and creating an extended character set before launch in 2019.

HH Nabucco.otf

 HH Nabucco.otf is a sharp serif style inspired by a unnamed jugendstyle typeface found in a Norwegian type catalogue from 1917. It's proportions and style implies a calligraphic root, with a sleek and sharp cut made for historical modernity. Available upon request.

Solvin Packaging

 Solvin is a fictional brand of small scale products from Gvarv, Telemark. Identity and concept created as a school project. The identity depends on clear, modern lines - and connotations to norwegian handcraft.

Experiments in Parametrics (Link)

 Audiointeractive experiments using parametric equations and interaction of sound (Link if you want to test it yourself). Visualising relation between tone and form by use of different oscillators and variables. The whole thing has been made as an webapp using the p5.js and tone.js frameworks. Concept, design and coding by me - with great help from Nicolay Wesseltoft.